Landscaping Around Mood Disorders: Five Landscaping Supplies for People Who Are Depressed

Depression can be hard to live with, and if you struggle with depression on a recurring basis, it can help to plan around it. You can even plan landscaping that helps with your depression. Here are some landscaping supplies from a company like Elite's Rock Sand & Soil to consider:

1. Annuals, vegetable seedlings or seeds

If possible, reserve a bit of your landscaping design for a gardening patch. Whether you plant annuals or a few vegetables (from seed or seedling), you will get the emotional and psychological benefits of gardening. Several studies, currently, attest to the fact that gardening can help with symptoms of depression.

2. Drought-resistant native plants

Although you want a small patch for gardening, unless you are a major fan of gardening, you may want to avoid letting it overtake your yard. It can be a lot to handle, and when your depression renders you immobile or uninspired, you may need a break.

That's why drought-resistant native plants are important. Chosen carefully, native plants don't need a lot of care, allowing you to take care of yourself when you need it. Surround these plants with rocks or wood chips, and you hardly have to worry about them at all.

3. Water feature

When shopping for landscaping supplies, look for a water feature. A small waterfall bubbling over decorative rocks or a pond for koi are both ideal to consider. As you listen to the moving water or watch the koi in the pond, you can meditate, and meditation can be a helpful remedy for depression.

4. Smooth rocks

Whether you are looking for rocks to surround your garden, to fill in areas between drought-resistant plants or for inside your pond, consider smooth rocks. When you need to ground yourself, you can simply place one of these rocks in your hand, feeling its weight, its smoothness and its ancientness.

Grounding yourself -- whether you use this technique or another one -- is popularly considered a positive way to deal with anxiety, a cousin of depression.

Additionally, if you believe in the healing power of crystals, you can also explore using options such as rose quartz in your landscaping. Rose quartz has long been considered useful in dealing with depression.  

5. Yellow landscaping supplies

Regardless of which type of landscaping supplies you are buying, consider how their colours will make you feel. While everyone reacts differently to different colours depending on their personal history and preferences, colour theory strongly suggests that certain colours are linked to certain feelings.

Yellow, in particular, is linked to happiness and joy, and you can evoke those feelings with yellow landscaping supplies such as yellow flowers, yellow rocks or yellow patio bricks. Alternatively, you may want the serenity of blue or the harmony of green.