Which Professionals Will You Need To Employ If You're Building A Home On A Steep Block?

If you're thinking about building your dream home on a steep, hilly block of land, then you're probably aware that it isn't as straight forward as building on a flat, level block. Many people are put off building homes on steep blocks because of the difficulties that it presents. However, by consulting with the right professionals, it's easy to overcome these difficulties and create a stunning home that fits snugly into the landscape.

Land surveyors

Land surveyors are the first professionals you'll need to use. Surveyors use an array of technology to create a detailed map of the land, including the size of the area, the gradient of the land, and any geographical features of the block.

Land surveyors will also be able to provide you with detailed knowledge of the sub-strata layers of your block. This may include which parts of the land have solid bedrock, which is an important feature when you are planning to tether a house to the side of a steep hill.


For a standard house built on a standard block, employing an architect is a good idea, but you can manage without one. For a house built on a steep block, employing an architect is essential. An architect can design and plan a home that is perfectly suited to your block of land, and they will make sure that the features of the land enhance the design instead of limiting it.

Architects will utilise the land maps that your surveyor has provided as they design your home. Knowing the exact dimensions and contours of the land, and where bedrock is situated, will allow then to create a home that is structurally sound as well as beautiful.


The final key is to find the right builder. Many builders won't even attempt a project on a steep block because of the technical difficulties it presents. Specialised equipment, such as cranes and heavy-duty drills may be required, and many builders don't have experience with this type of equipment.

It's preferable to find several builders who feel confident that they can take on your project. Before signing a contract with any of them, make sure that you have inspected some of the other projects that they've completed and talked to previous clients about their building experience.

There's no question that building on a steep block will be a challenge. However, the unique design and the stunning views that you'll end up with will make all the hard work worth it.