Make Your Tropical Party Fabulous With Hired Plants: Check Out These Essential Tips

If you want to plan a cool, tropical-themed party, you need fun cocktails in coconut shells, classic luau music and other tropical party favours. However, you also need to set the scene with a few plants. Luckily, you can hire what you need easily from plant hire companies.

To put together some festive foliage for your next tropical-themed party, take a look at these essential tips:

1. Play with potted palm trees

Palm trees are ideal for creating a tropical scene, and luckily, you can hire potted palm trees to decorate your home, office or other party venue. Consider using palm trees native to the exact area you are trying to recreate, or use a range of palm trees to create a quirky effect.

You can display them on their own or with sand to create the look of a beach.

2. Make a bamboo grove

In addition to setting the scene with hired palm trees, consider making a bamboo grove. A grove gives children at the party a magical place to walk through and adults a secret place to disappear into when the jungle spirit takes them over.

To make a bamboo grove, simply hire a bunch of bamboo plants and arrange them in a grove-like formation.

3. Don't forget the centerpieces

While filling your party with large, hired tropical plants, it can be easy to overlook the small accents, but they are essential if you want a well decorated and fun venue.

For tropical centerpieces, you can hire small tropical plants, or you can mix arrangements of tropic flowers rising out of pineapple shells or even a simple orchid planted in a coconut shell.

4. Hire silk tropical plants

While hiring real plants creates a genuine look for your tropical party, it is not the only option. If you prefer to not have to water your plants or worry about them, you can opt to hire silk tropical plants instead. Silk plants are fake so you don't have to worry about any potting soil in your home, but they look extremely real.

5. Consider holding your party in a greenhouse

In lieu of hiring plants for your tropical party, you could opt to hire an entire greenhouse and hold your party there. That creates an interesting lush effect, and as all of the plants are already in place, you don't have to move them. You simply need to set up chairs and other decor in the space.