How Commercial Landscapers Price Their Services

You may be a new property manager and you may be wondering how the commercial landscaping company came up with the service quotation they sent you. Read on and discover some of the factors that landscapers consider when bidding for work.

Detailed Measurements

Commercial landscapers visit the site of a prospective client and take detailed measurements in order to generate an estimate of what it will cost to maintain that landscape. For instance, they measure the total size of the turf as well as the area taken up by the different kinds of flowers or trees. These measurements help them to determine how long it will take each piece of equipment (such as large mowers and hedge cutters) to complete its part of the job.

The Condition of the Landscape

The commercial landscaper is also interested in knowing the current condition of the landscape. This assessment helps him or her to have an idea of what immediate attention (special care) that the landscape needs in order to get it to look attractive. The landscaper may require special interventions (such as the application of fertilisers) in order to restore the health of the lawn. This added requirement may have an impact on the price he/she quotes for the service.

The Lay of the Land

Another factor that commercial landscapers are very interested in when they visit your property is the lay of the land. The landscaper establishes whether the land is flat, sloping or hilly. This information is crucial in determining how complex or easy it will be to move equipment around the landscape as maintenance work is done.

The Level of Activity on the Property

Do outdoor events take place on the property on certain days of the week? Are there days when loud equipment would hinder the business activities taking place within the building? These and many other questions help the landscaper to have an idea of which days would be convenient for him/her to do maintenance work. That information also gives the commercial landscaper an idea of how to segment the landscaping work (mowing one day, trimming hedges on another day, for example). This has cost implications on matters like transportation for staff.

Site Accessibility

The site visit also helps the landscaper to get firsthand information about the access roads or walkways that run through your property. This enables him/her to have an idea what safety precautions may be required as work is done.

All the information above helps the commercial landscaper to compute how many hours of labour will be required to do work that is satisfactory to you. Labour is the biggest cost so commercial landscapers do everything they can to get an accurate estimate of the number of hours needed to complete a job. The estimate you receive will have been based on that computation.