How To Summer-Proof Your Lawn

With a hot, dry summer predicted by the Bureau of meteorology, your garden may suffer due to the heat and lack of rainfall. Lawns are particularly vulnerable to these conditions, and may become dry, patchy, or even die off altogether. Fortunately, with the right know-how, your lawn can survive the summer relatively unscathed.

Keep your lawn well fertilised and weed free

A healthy lawn will be more likely to endure the rigours of a hot, dry summer than one that isn't in top condition. This is why it's important to apply a good quality lawn fertiliser to your lawn regularly. Fertiliser provides the essential nutrients that a lawn needs to thrive and encourages growth and renewal.

A lawn full of weeds can also be detrimental to lawn health. Weeds will rob the lawn of nutrients and moisture and can cause patches of your lawn to die off. To kill two birds with one stone, you can get a two-in-one fertiliser and weed killer. These are generally available wherever you can buy lawn supplies, such as Associated Turf Growers & Suppliers.

Don't mow your lawn too short

Lawn mowing is hard work, especially when the weather is hot, and it may be tempting to mow it very short to increase the time needed before it requires mowing again. However, this can be very damaging to your lawn during summer.

If you crop your lawn too short, it leaves it vulnerable to scorching. This will dry it out and can even kill it. Leaving the lawn a little longer also creates an insulating effect, which will prevent moisture loss from the soil and protect the lawn's root system from the heat. The root system is very important because even the driest lawn can regenerate if the root system is healthy.

Use moisture pellets

Hot summer months mean less rainfall and may even mean that you face water restrictions preventing you from watering your lawn as often as it needs in order to stay green and healthy. That's why maximising the amount of water that your lawn does receive in vital. Moisture pellets are an excellent way to do this.

Moisture pellets are small pieces of a specialised polymer that are designed to absorb and hold water. They are available from lawn suppliers and hardware stores. You simply sprinkle them around the surface of your lawn, then help them penetrate the surface of the soil by raking your lawn over thoroughly.

When your garden receives moisture from the rain or when you water it, the pellets will absorb many times their weight in water. This water will be slowly released over the next few days, meaning your lawn stays well hydrated even during dry spells.

Your lawn doesn't have to be the victim of a dry, hot summer. By preparing it properly, you will help it survive and save yourself the time and money involved in planting a new one.