Why You Should Settle For Natural Turf

Many people often shun choosing natural turf for their homes because they dread the maintenance hassle associated with keeping the turf looking vibrant at all times. For these home owners, artificial turf often seems to be a more sensible option.

No matter how hard artificial turf manufacturers try to replicate the performance of natural turf in their products, the following points will indicate why going natural when it comes to your lawn turf is always the better option.

Greater eco-benefits

It is an indisputable fact that climate change is taking a negative toll on the natural environment now more than ever before. As leaders, industries, businesses, environmentalists and many other entities worldwide take a proactive stance towards protecting natural vegetation, you can contribute towards these concerted efforts by planting natural turf in your lawn.

Planting natural turf will add to oxygen supply in the atmosphere while cutting down on carbon dioxide fixation at the same time, thus improving outdoor air quality significantly. Using artificial turf, on the other hand, might only encourage the use of materials and techniques that cause more harm on the environment, e.g. through harmful factory emissions.

More consistent and sustainable performance  

Like many other pre-engineered products, the performance and visual impact artificial turf can never be restored without replacement. This means that once artificial turf begins the inevitable process of deterioration as time passes by, you can never restore its initial functional and visual appeal unless you buy new turf.

With natural turf, all you need to do is to water, add fertilizer and mow the lawn as per the maintenance schedule to keep the turf looking good and healthy all year round. If you notice a dry patch due to water-repellent turf, you can remedy the problem by aerating the soil to allow water to infiltrate the turf to flourish.

Safer to use

When water is used to wet the surface of natural turf, the turf will remain soft and cool for a longer period than artificial turf. This makes natural turf safer to play on, especially if you have small children and pets in your home.

Even though new technologies have been developed to make artificial turf as forgiving to play on as natural turf, the truth is that a lot of injuries are still sustained on artificial turf because of its insufficient ability to handle heat and pressure.

Even though it typically costs more to acquire, install and maintain natural turf relative to artificial turf, the environmental, health and safety benefits of going natural should be at the top of your mind at all times. With all these benefits available for you to enjoy, you can rest assured that natural turf supply will be good for both you, your home and the natural environment as a whole.