4 Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

If you are thinking about improving your yard, whether because you moved into a new home or simply aren't happy with yours, there are some things to think about first. There are a variety of landscaping mistakes people tend to make when they don't have a lot of experience, and you can learn from these mistakes and avoid them yourself. Here are some common blunders to bypass so you can have a beautiful, efficient lawn and garden.

Squeezing Too Much in a Small Space

Overcrowding a garden is unfortunately a common mistake a lot of homeowners make. When you are planting shrubs and flowers from seeds, it is more likely that you will end up with overcrowding than if you plant them from a pot. This is because you don't realise exactly how large these plants are going to grow. Look at the seed package to know how far apart they should be planted. Make sure you also know the maximum size the different plants can reach. Also avoid overcrowding of the lawn in general with things like garden furniture so that it looks more organised.

Not Utilizing Your Natural Landscape

Make sure you are considering your lawn's natural landscape when deciding what to plant and how to plan the design. For example, if you have a lot of hills and slopes in your yard, you might not want to crowd it with a lot of trees and bushes. In this type of yard, having more lawn makes more sense. Retaining walls works well at the bottom of slopes to avoid erosion from the draining process, while lawns with a lot of shade should only have plants that don't need full sun.

Failing to Design the Front Garden

When you are busy designing the landscaping of your back garden, don't forget about the front. The front garden can increase or decrease your curb appeal, which may affect the value of your home if you ever decide to sell. Be sure the design you choose blends well with the neighboring homes, though it is still possible to make yours unique. With front gardens, lesser is typically better, so be careful with the overcrowding. Adding some shade with trees is a great idea, but don't let the trees completely cover the view of your home.

Not Including Enough Colour

A common mistake made is using too much of the same colour in the landscape design, whether it is a blend of different greens or too much purple or red because those are your favorite colours. Try to use different colours of the rainbow to mix it up and create more interest with your landscaping. Consult a professional if you aren't sure which flowers and plants to choose.