3 Ways to Use River Rock in Your Yard

If you are currently looking for ways to add appeal to your front or back yard, you might consider using river rock. This is a type of rock that comes from water sources. It is often in blue, green, and gray shades, and can come in many different sizes and shapes. Here are some different ways to use river rock in your yard.

Create a River Creek Path

The first way to use river rock in your yard is by creating a river rock path, similar to a river creek. This provides a path through your garden or yard by using these beautiful stones. Remember that with river rock, they shouldn't be placed directly on the lawn or soil. You should line the bottom of the path area with another type of gravel, such as pea gravel. Once you lay a thin layer of gravel, you can then cover it with your river rock. Make the path as wide and long as you like, depending on the size and layout of your yard. This can be a small path going through your garden, or a long path going around the side of your house. Not only does the river creek path add more decorative elements to your backyard, but it can also provide better drainage.

Replace Mulch With Rock

You can also get rid of the mulch in your garden and replace it with river rock. While mulch definitely has its benefits, so does river rock. With the rock, you don't have to keep replacing it each year. You can lay it down once to be used as ground cover in a garden, then leave it where it is. Not only it is effective and durable as ground cover, but it can add more color and style to the garden. Consider laying the rock around plants and bushes to create more interest, or replacing all mulch in the entire yard with a layer of river rock. You will also notice that you have less of an insect and weed problem when you go with rock and stones over traditional mulch.

Start a Container Garden

If you want a simple container garden in your backyard, river rock is a great way to get it started. The benefit to using river rock is that it gives you easy access to draining without having to choose a spot on your patio. You will first lay down the river rock in your lawn close to the sprinkler system. This is going to provide some natural drainage for the containers. You will then place the containers with your herbs or plants on top of the rocks and let the sprinklers water them as needed. This becomes an easy container garden that is easy to maintain.

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