How to Use a Specific Drilling Technique to Locate Your Vital Natural Resources

If you have a property that is located in a very remote area of the country, you may be getting ready to develop it. You might want to look into sizeable development on the land and even establish a fully commercial operation. In order to achieve this, you're going to have to locate a variety of different resources. If the land you're working on is truly virgin, then you may need to be looking for water, gas or oil reserves to fully utilise your investment. Consequently, you need to be looking underground for your resources and will need to be considering different levels of excavation. What type of drilling technique can you use, that will provide you with the flexibility to locate your natural resources, without disturbing too much of the environment?

Deviated Drilling

Many people who have been in your particular situation before have achieved great success with a technique known as deviated or directional drilling. Fundamentally, this means that you can "search" for resources, which may be somewhat remote from your initial drilling position and won't need to create a variety of different well locations instead.

Once the vertical well is sunk, tools can be used to establish horizontal movement a long way beneath the surface and the drill operation can be steered to wherever it needs to go.

Significant Advantages

Adopting this approach allows you to avoid any sensitive surfaces that may need to be environmentally protected, or surfaces that due to stability may not be conducive to the drilling operation. You will be able to target a site that is remote or even underwater in relation to your starting position. You will be able to save money by reducing the cost of sinking multiple wells, to say nothing of avoiding the operational difficulties associated.

How Does It Work?

Steerable equipment will be mounted just behind the drill bit, that's introduced from the surface. An operator above will then "steer" the wheel along the required path. Such is the efficiency of the system, that areas can be targeted to centimetre precision, even kilometres underground.

Ideal Usage

Directional drilling technology is ideal for water wells, tunnels or the laying of pipelines to connect different positions on your land. It can also be used for oil and gas extraction.

Ready to Take Advantage of Your Resources?

To explore your options, consult with an excavation contractor who specialises in this form of drilling.