How to Make Sure That You Choose the Right Type of Grass at Your New Home

If you've just completed work on the home of your dreams, then your attention will be turning to the garden. It's difficult to focus on landscaping with all the house construction activity, but now that it's complete and the dust has settled, you can choose the right type of lawn to round it all off. However, you have to be careful in this situation as there is no "one size fits all" solution in Australia. What do you have to take into account before choosing the grass for your situation?

Where Are You?

Firstly, you need to choose based on your general, geographical location. If you are like most Australians and live quite close to the ocean, then certain grasses will work more effectively. Generally speaking, you can choose a Palmetto or Sapphire Buffalo lawn if your home also sits in a heavily shaded area. These are generally accepted to be tolerant to the amount of salt in the air and especially if the location is generally windy. If, however, your garden will sit in relatively full sun during the day, then you might like to choose Nara which is a form of native turf in the Zoysia family. This one is particularly tolerant of salt.

Sunny or Not?

If salt is not an issue for you then you need to determine whether the garden will be heavily trafficked. Perhaps you've got some little feet to account for and will need to choose a turf that is tolerant to this. Once again, you need to determine whether your lawn will sit in full sun, full shade or something in between. Kikuyu is the best in an unshaded situation, while Sapphire or Matilda Buffalo are good for full shade across most of the country.

Are You the Outdoor Type?

Your next selection will be based on whether or not you have green fingers and want to be spending a lot of time outside, performing routine maintenance. If you're not the outdoor type and won't have a lot of time to edge and mow the grass, then you need to be looking for low maintenance options. By far the best is going to be Zoysia, although Palmetto Buffalo is a very popular option in suburbia.

What Is Best for You?

Get in touch with your landscape supplier to see what they recommend based on your location and the amount of sun that the garden may expect through each season. They'll help you to narrow down your choice, so that you can fully enjoy your new outdoor space.