Three Considerations for Choosing the Right Turf Topdressing

There are numerous benefits of topdressing your residential lawn with materials such as nitro topsoil. In general, the application of nutrient-rich soil will correct the poor soil structure beneath the growing grass. As a result, the natural turf will become healthier.

Topdressing is also a beneficial process if your lawn has low and uneven spots. The topsoil will fill the holes, creating a uniform outdoor surface. In addition, the application of the material can accelerate the decomposition of dead grass clippings, promoting the enrichment of the soil. If you are interested in topdressing your lawn, you should consider the selection factors for a suitable product.


You should choose a topdressing product with the right constituents for the enrichment of your lawn. In simple terms, the results that you will obtain will depend on the type of ingredients included in the topdressing material. Typically, topdressing can be performed using regular soil, compost or even sand, depending on the condition of the lawn. However, for the best results, your product should have these three constituents. The soil will improve water retention, the sand will help in proper drainage and the compost will enrich the ground. You can also look for products with additional ingredients such as nitro humus for optimal richness.


You should inquire about the screening of the topdressing products on the market before purchase. This process is critical when buying readymade topsoil mix for your lawn. If the selected product is not properly screened, you will end up with lumpy material with large particles, sticks and other forms of debris. If such material is applied to the lawn, it could cause the suffocation of the grass. Also, it will be difficult to spread evenly. In addition, the appearance of the natural turf will decline because of the poor quality topdressing. Therefore, you should choose topsoil which have been thoroughly screened and cleaned.


When choosing your topdressing product, you should look for products with minimal odour. Usually, topsoil is mixed with manure during the production of topdressing to ensure that there are plenty of nutrients for absorption by the grass. Unfortunately, if the manure is not fully composted, it will have a sharp odour. If you apply the material, you might cause your home to have an unpleasant smell. Moreover, the poor quality material could attract some pests. You should avoid poor quality products with a strong odour. Instead, you should opt for soil with fully composted manure and humus for great results without bad smells.