The Most Eco-Friendly Building Supplies You Can Choose for Outdoor Projects

When planning an outdoor project, you may be considering some eco-friendly building supplies. These would be the materials that are least disruptive to the environment when harvested and which can be easily recycled if you ever need to replace them. Making a responsible decision about the materials you use for a patio, garden edging, retaining wall, and any outdoor feature will ensure that your entire home is as eco-friendly as possible.

Why You Should Settle For Natural Turf

Many people often shun choosing natural turf for their homes because they dread the maintenance hassle associated with keeping the turf looking vibrant at all times. For these home owners, artificial turf often seems to be a more sensible option. No matter how hard artificial turf manufacturers try to replicate the performance of natural turf in their products, the following points will indicate why going natural when it comes to your lawn turf is always the better option.

How To Summer-Proof Your Lawn

With a hot, dry summer predicted by the Bureau of meteorology, your garden may suffer due to the heat and lack of rainfall. Lawns are particularly vulnerable to these conditions, and may become dry, patchy, or even die off altogether. Fortunately, with the right know-how, your lawn can survive the summer relatively unscathed. Keep your lawn well fertilised and weed free A healthy lawn will be more likely to endure the rigours of a hot, dry summer than one that isn't in top condition.

Real Or Synthetic? 3 Real Situations When Synthetic Grass Is The Better Option

When you think of synthetic grass, you may think of scratchy, plastic, and unnatural looking grass that has been traditionally used in children's playgrounds or at mini-golf venues. However, modern synthetic grass has come a long way in recent times and looks as attractive and feels as soft and natural as real grass. There are a number of situations where choosing synthetic grass is the superior option over real grass, and here are three of them.

How Commercial Landscapers Price Their Services

You may be a new property manager and you may be wondering how the commercial landscaping company came up with the service quotation they sent you. Read on and discover some of the factors that landscapers consider when bidding for work. Detailed Measurements Commercial landscapers visit the site of a prospective client and take detailed measurements in order to generate an estimate of what it will cost to maintain that landscape.