How Commercial Landscapers Price Their Services

You may be a new property manager and you may be wondering how the commercial landscaping company came up with the service quotation they sent you. Read on and discover some of the factors that landscapers consider when bidding for work. Detailed Measurements Commercial landscapers visit the site of a prospective client and take detailed measurements in order to generate an estimate of what it will cost to maintain that landscape.

Make Your Tropical Party Fabulous With Hired Plants: Check Out These Essential Tips

If you want to plan a cool, tropical-themed party, you need fun cocktails in coconut shells, classic luau music and other tropical party favours. However, you also need to set the scene with a few plants. Luckily, you can hire what you need easily from plant hire companies. To put together some festive foliage for your next tropical-themed party, take a look at these essential tips: 1. Play with potted palm trees

How To Prevent Stormwater Damage To Your Home

Each year in Australia, stormwater causes around $550 million worth of damage. This figure is set to increase due to the impacts of climate change, and the increased frequency of extreme weather events that will entail. Stormwater can have adverse effects on your home's foundations, paved areas, and concrete slabs if it isn't managed correctly. It can also damage neighbours' property, which may see you liable for any repair bills. Fortunately, there are two excellent ways to manage your stormwater.

Which Professionals Will You Need To Employ If You're Building A Home On A Steep Block?

If you're thinking about building your dream home on a steep, hilly block of land, then you're probably aware that it isn't as straight forward as building on a flat, level block. Many people are put off building homes on steep blocks because of the difficulties that it presents. However, by consulting with the right professionals, it's easy to overcome these difficulties and create a stunning home that fits snugly into the landscape.

Landscaping Around Mood Disorders: Five Landscaping Supplies for People Who Are Depressed

Depression can be hard to live with, and if you struggle with depression on a recurring basis, it can help to plan around it. You can even plan landscaping that helps with your depression. Here are some landscaping supplies from a company like Elite's Rock Sand & Soil to consider: 1. Annuals, vegetable seedlings or seeds If possible, reserve a bit of your landscaping design for a gardening patch. Whether you plant annuals or a few vegetables (from seed or seedling), you will get the emotional and psychological benefits of gardening.